About Us

Thank you for shopping for Rsauces.  We are a small batch hot sauce producer that is dedicated to quality, great taste, and diversity in sauces.  We make sauces that range from very mild to very, very hot.  These sauces are made with extreme care and attention to detail.  Whatever food you choose to top with our sauces (thus the name Rsauces) It's hard to compete with.  We work hard in our production sites to bring the very best to you.  

Much more than just hot sauce, our line of products includes several other items such as smoked pepper spicy ketchup and a number of pepper powders.  We are always expanding into new and great tasting pepper related products.

We are a small family owned business and we greatly appreciate your support.  

Thank you,

Mike and Debbie (and our mascot, Remi too)